Project: Espresso coffee collection

Client: Paradise. Gourmet-club™

Roasted ground coffee. Espresso blend (arabica/robusta). Vacuum-packed. The series consists of 4 blends.

To create a package design for the series of original espresso blends. To design an identity system that will help Clients to distinguish and easily choose preferred blend.

Each blend from this collection has distinct unique taste. Arabica has sweet soft taste with tones of sugar and fruit. Robusta, however, has much harsher, stronger taste, it contains almost twice more caffeine than arabica. Arabica / Robusta ratio determines flavor characteristics of the blend.

Moon phases symbolize “darkness level of the particular espresso blend: the new moon is the “darkest” one, Bar blend has 80% of robusta and designed for those who like harsh coffee taste. Prima blend with its 80% of arabica is the “lightest” one. It designed for those who like soft coffee. Classic and Aroma are filling the space between those two reference points, when Classic blend is milder than Bar and Aroma is a bit rougher than Prima. Choosing between different blends is a question of personal taste. “Moon phases” identity system is designed to help the customer determine preferred blend from the product line.

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