Project: AMBER MAGIC logo

Client: AMBER MAGIC spa & medical center

AMBER MAGIC spa & medical center provides medical and cosmetic services using the therapeutic properties of amber.
Services provided:
1. Baths and Wellness (massage)
2. Cosmetic services for face and body (hardware, invasive)
3. Beauty (stylist services, podiatry services)
4. spa-cafe products

Amber – a stone of health, happiness and warmth. It has many poetic names – “tears of the sea”, “gift of the sun.” Amber was proclaimed panacea for all diseases in ancient times.
The healing properties of amber are widely used in cosmetics.

AMBER MAGIC logo includes several semantic accents.
First meaning: stone, full of internal energy.
Second meaning: “the sun inside”. Amber called “sun stone,” «Boernstein», «hot stone” (ancient German).
Third meaning: the element of water, “a stone in the water.”
Soft lines within a circle reminiscent glare on the water surface.


ADC-UA Awards 2012

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