Project: “Doroga Maybutnyogo” identity

Client: Ukrainian Charity Fund “Doroga Maybutnyogo”

Brief: Ukrainian Charity Fund “Doroga Maybutnyogo” (The Way of the Future) settles several activities: arrangement of ethnic and ecological festivals, children’s art festivals, education, workshops, training centers for youth and teachers, targeted assistance to orphanages, hospitals, veterans, children and other groups.
Project objective was to create a symbol relevant to Fund activities and to the name of Fund. Symbol should be based on Ukrainian traditions.

Stylized Rushnyk towel decorated with pattern comprised by figures of people holding hands. Pattern based on traditional Ukrainian folk art motifs and colors.
Due to it’s shape, traditional Ukrainian Rushnyk always is associated with the Way (additional meanings: Life, Road). For centuries Rushnyk plays significant role in all rituals associated with rites of passage: birth, christening, wedding, seeing a long journey or war. Rushnyk has always been associated with purity, purification, sanctity, goodness, and, therefore, protected from all harm and evil. Rushnyk is a symbol of wishes for a good fortune and memories of home, as well as a talisman and a symbol of good luck.
The Idea of Ryshnyk can be found in identity materials such as continuing the Rushnyk on the back side of the card or making endless pattern symbolizing the Way of the Future.


12-th KIAF shortlist
Top-100 CIS rating by KAK graphic design magazine

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