Project: Karpov & Karpova jewellery identity

Karpov & Karpova jewellery company is specialized on family jewellery, designer line of everyday jewellery and wards, line of precious gifts.
Company creates ideas, concepts and collections with own unique style formed by projects complexity, magnitude, selection of different materials and technologies.

Graphics of Karpov & Karpova logo based on several visual and semantic layers:
1. Shape of the logo forms stylized egg – symbol of Universe, creation, the source of life in many ancient cultures. Easter egg keeps special place in Ukrainian culture – symbol of the sun , life, love and beauty, goodness, happiness. Also shape of the logo refers to traditions of Faberge – founder Irina Karpova is a chevalier of Faberge medal.
2. Central figure formed by interlacing deployed towards each other stylized letters “K” – initials of founders names.
3. Central part of the logo forms an anthropomorphic figure with many associations: Bereginya (symbol of care, protection in Ukraine), and Leonardo’s Vitruvian Man (symbol of universal harmony and harmonious human).
4. Logo has a shape of the medallion, which further emphasizes the connection with the jeweler’s art.


ADC-UA Awards 2013

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