Project: Paradise. Gourmet-club™ identity

Client: Paradise. Gourmet-club™ mini coffee-shop’s network

While designing the corporate identity of the mini coffee-shop’s network the main task was to create the graphic symbol, which could be uniting for the countries-suppliers of coffee (Latin America, India, Africa). Symbol of Sun became the core idea of the logo. This image is typical for the aboriginal population of countries-suppliers of coffee. Stylized coffee corn became a center element of the symbol.

Stickers with vivid stylized images of ethnic cultures of coffee countries designed for mini coffee-shop surfaces decoration. This flexible solution allows to decorate mini coffee-shops of different size and shape.

While creating the POS dispenser the main task was to mark out on the counter of mini coffee-shop completely new product – chocolate sweets with coffee crisp. The “mayan treasures” became the core idea of the dispenser. Base of the dispenser represents a stylized mayan pyramid, trays with “treasures” (3 types of sweets in gold, silver and bronze foil and gift boxes with set of sweets) are placed under the “pyramid”. Volumed ornamental ethnic symbols are drifted on surface of sweets, it looks like coining on foil.


7-th KIAF shortlist
Golden Hammer’05 shortlist
Euroline’03 Silver

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