Project: Paradise. Gourmet-club™ сoffee collection

Client: Paradise. Gourmet-club™

“World’s best coffees” gift set consist of 8 most popular types of coffee in vacuum briquettes. Package designed to symbolize traveller’s suitcase. Simple, low-cost solution of package allows easily either to demonstrate content in coffee-shops or to transport and present collection.
Ethnic and culture motifs of the countries-suppliers of coffee used in set’s package and coffee packs design.
Coffee types personification realized using individual stickers with vivid stylized images of ethnic cultures attached to a briquettes surface.
3 groups of coffee (“classic”, “exclusive”, “maragogipe”) are marked out by specific color of stickers.


11-th KIAF (2010)
Top-100 CIS rating by KAK graphic design magazine
KAKADU Awards’ 2009

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